You are possibly aware that Fire Safety Training in the UK is a legal requirement for staff members.  This has been the case for nearly six years since the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into force on the 1st October 2006. Fire training for members of staff has to be relevant to their roles, as I am sure you are aware, so off-the-shelf packages sometimes just do not work.

When hiring new staff, whether full or part-time, assessing their existing fire safety knowledge is always advisable and without doing so, may leave you open to prosecution, should a situation arise.  The same naturally occurs with existing staff who have not been trained to a suitable and sufficient standard.  This can easily be overcome by booking a Fire Safety Awareness workshop with IMD (UK), which you can do now by emailing Many businesses will need fire marshals as part of their day to day operations.

It will have occurred to you that these fire marshals will require additional training in order to perform their role to the standard that is law. A full understanding of fire safety issues, including effective evacuation procedures will be gained, together with important methods of fire prevention.

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